Wearable work by Leeroy New, 2016

Wearable work by Leeroy New, 2016

The undercurrent of my work is an awareness accompanied by action towards a more tender, compassionate, and loving approach to co-creation with nature. For nature to come into consideration of all our relations. Working from a place of desire for a deeper sense of inter-dependency on the earth as a source of ancestral wisdom and *indio-genius knowledge. By activating a resistance towards *anthropocentric perspectives, and flowing into multi-species knowledge; plants and animals as cyclical relations to human. 

This is explored through three mediums; movement, writing, and gardening; each medium permeating into the other. As a movement artist, I am creating a methodology that resonates and calls upon earth elements of drum and dance based on folkloric elements of my Motherland, the Philippines. Through exploration, I have practiced traditional, contemporary, and urban forms ranging from yoga, martial arts, Malay, Odissi, street dance, ballet, somatic, and improvisation. Writing as a form of archiving walks parallel to my dance practice, to foster continuity for the future generations, and connecting theory with practice. As a gardener, I work directly with the land by growing food in urban spaces—in my home, in art spaces, and as a farm tour guide and art and nature workshop facilitator at Bollywood Veggies, an organic farm in Singapore. I honour the medicinal powers of plants, and allow that to inform how I move through this world. 

Currently, the project studies on softness a way of life based on performance as research by sensing the parallelisms between nature and femininity, also known as *eco-feminism. Particularly, the present subjugation of both nature and femininity within society, and collectively finding choreographic strategies of resistance, de-colonialism, and the shifting of power dynamics to more softer ways to have conversations with each other and with the land.

*Indio-genius: People from urban societies who align with indigenous value systems. A term coined by Kidlat Tahimik, a film-maker based in Baguio, Philippines. 

*Anthropocene: Significant human impact on the Earth’s ecosystems.

*Eco-feminism: The political focus on the resourcing of women and nature as structurally interconnected in capitalist patriarchal systems; term coined by author and environmentalist, Vandana Shiva.